GARNET 35W RGB DMX-512 220V IP66

LED IP66 luminaire 35W for floodlighting and accentual lighting. The device is a compact and powerful solution for floodlighting and accentual lighting. Designed for floodlighting and accentual lighting instead of high-power gas-discharge lamps. The power supply and the driver are placed inside the housing for easily mounting it on almost any surface. A wide choice of optics and an anti-glare shield makes it a professional tool for outdoor lighting. There is available versions with warm white light, neutral and cold shades as well as RGB.
white black
 White  Black
Code 718001009
Color temp.,K RGB
Light flow, LM 735
Protection IP66
System power, W 35
Input voltage, V 220
Product segment Architectural LED lighting
Device type Floodlights
Control system DMX-512
Glow RGB

Housing: Pressure-molded aluminum housing is coated with polyester powder coating. Body and glass are fitted with silicone gaskets.
Fasteners: Stainless steel, 2.0 mm.
Glass: Tempered glass, 3.0 mm.
Optical system: Optical lens. Efficiency ≥ 85%.
Optical beam angles: 5°, 12°, 25°, 45°.
Housing color: White, black.
Cable pin: Sealed cable enter IP68, PG-11 copper.
Cable connection: Cable connection (standard) or the IP68 plug ("male-female" type)
Operating temperature: -40°C to +45°C (at startup:  -20°C to +45°C).
Control: DMX-512.
Dimming: 0% to 100%, under the DMX-512 protocol.
Number of diodes (single-colored): 12 pcs.
Number of diodes: (RGB): 12 pcs. (4R+4G+4B).
Network / mains connection: Sealed  cable outlet, IP68, 3 m long cable is included.
Control signal transmission: Sealed cable inlet and outlet, IP68, 3 m long cable is included.
Climatic execution: for outdoor use in moderately cold climates.