LIBRA L 18W CW 220V IP65

Ground-mounted LED IP65 luminaire for accentual lighting.

Code 758060016
Color temp.,K 5000
Light flow, LM 1883
Protection IP65
System power, W 18
Input voltage, V 220
Product segment Landscape lighting
Device type Floodlights
Control system Switch On/Off
Glow White

Housing: Pressure-molded aluminum housing is coated with polyester powder coating.
Fasteners: Pressure-molded aluminum mounting bracket coated with polyester powder.
Glass: Tempered glass, 4.0 mm.
Optical system: Optical lens. Efficiency ≥ 85%.
Optical beam angles: 6°, 13°, 20°, 25°, 30°.
Housing color: Graphite, white, chrome.
Mounting base: Pressure-molded aluminum mounting base is coated with polyester powder paint.
Cable pin: Sealed cable outlet IP68, PG-9, copper.
Kit cable: 2m long power cable with a cross-section(s) of 3х1mm, 4х0,75 mm (for RGB).
Operating temperature: -20°C to +40°C (up to -40°C at the client's request).
Climatic execution: for outdoor use in moderately cold climates.
Connection options: pages 6-9 of the catalogue.