LED IP65 projector 36W for floodlighting and accentual lighting. Double-sided reinforced projector clamper ensures unchanging inclination angle of the device with strong wind. Various options of monochrome light emission (white light of different coloration, red, blue, green) and RGB are available.
silver graphite
 Silver  Graphite
Code 739024011
Color temp.,K 5000
Glow White
Input voltage, V 24
Light flow, LM 2529
Name SONAR 36W CW 24V IP65
Protection IP65
System power, W 36
Product segment Architectural LED lighting
Device type Floodlights
Control system Switch on/off

Housing: Pressure-molded aluminum housing is coated with polyester powder coating.
Fasteners: Stainless mounting bracket, 2.5 mm.
Glass: Tempered glass, 3.0 mm.
Optical system: Optical lens. Efficiency ≥ 85%.
Optical beam angles: 20°, 30°.
Housing color: Silver (RAL 7047), graphite (RAL 7037).
Cable pin: Sealed cable outlet IP68, PG-9 copper.
Operating temperature: -20°C to + 40°C (up to -40°C at the client's request).
Climatic execution: for outdoor use in moderately cold climates.
Connection options: pages 6-9 of the catalogue.