Series of powerful linear luminaries are designed for floodlighting architectural lighting with angles of rotation of working part till 175° and anti-glare reflector.

System power, W
NamePhotoCodeSystem power, WInput voltage, VColor temp.,KDimensionsProtection
Band Mira 31W 620mm On/Off IP6574162003131W220V3000K-6500K620x60x110IP65
Band Mira 31W 620mm 1-10V IP6574162013131W220V3000K-6500K620x60x110IP65
Band Mira 31W 620mm DMX512 IP6574162023131W220V3000K-6500K620x60x110IP65
Band Mira 31W 620mm RGB DMX512 IP6574162033131W220VRGB620x60x110IP65
Band Mira 28W 620mm RGBW DMX512 IP6574162043128W220VRGBW620x60x110IP65
Band Mira 45W 920mm On/Off IP6574192004545W220V3000K-6500K920x60x110IP65
Band Mira 45W 920mm 1-10V IP6574192014545W220V3000K-6500K920x60x110IP65
Band Mira 45W 920mm DMX512 IP6574192024545W220V3000K-6500K920x60x110IP65
Band Mira 45W 920mm RGB DMX512 IP6574192034545W220VRGB920x60x110IP65
Band Mira 42W 920mm RGBW DMX512 IP6574192044545W220VRGBW920x60x110IP65
Band Mira 60W 1210mm On/Off IP6574121006060W220V3000K-6500K1210x60x110IP65
Band Mira 60W 1210mm 1-10V IP6574121016060W220V3000K-6500K1210x60x110IP65
Band Mira 60W 1210mm DMX512 IP6574121026060W220V3000K-6500K1210x60x110IP65
Band Mira 60W 1210mm RGB DMX512 IP6574121036060W220VRGB1210x60x110IP65
Band Mira 56W 1210mm RGBW DMX512 IP6574121046056W220VRGBW1210x60x110IP65
Band Mira 56W 610mm On/Off IP6573161003156W220V3000K-6500K610x85x140IP65
Band Mira 56W 610mm 1-10V IP6573161013156W220V3000K-6500K610x85x140IP65
Band Mira 56W 610mm DMX512 IP6573161023156W220V3000K-6500K610x85x140IP65
Band Mira 42W 610mm RGB DMX512 IP6573161033142W220VRGB610x85x140IP65
Band Mira 56W 610mm RGBW DMX512 IP6573161043156W220VRGBW610x85x140IP65
Band Mira 82W 900mm On/Off IP6573190004582W220V3000K-6500K900x85x140IP65
Band Mira 82W 900mm 1-10V IP6573190014582W220V3000K-6500K900x85x140IP65
Band Mira 82W 900mm DMX512 IP6573190024582W220V3000K-6500K900x85x140IP65
Band Mira 60W 900mm RGB DMX512 IP6573190034582W220VRGB900x85x140IP65
Band Mira 82W 900mm RGBW DMX512 IP6573190044582W220VRGBW900x85x140IP65
Band Mira 108W 1170mm On/Off IP65731170060108W220V3000K-6500K1170x85x140IP65
Band Mira 108W 1170mm 1-10V IP65731170160108W220V3000K-6500K1170x85x140IP65
Band Mira 108W 1170mm DMX512 IP65731170260108W220V3000K-6500K1170x85x140IP65
Band Mira 82W 1170mm RGB DMX512 IP6573117036082W220VRGB1170x85x140IP65
Band Mira 108W 1170mm RGBW DMX512 IP65731170460108W220VRGBW1170x85x140IP65