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Band Ultraslim IP65


Light linear LED lighting IP65 6W and 12W versions suitable for floodlighting and accentual lighting. An ultra-slim lighting with optic system, rotary bracket, and an anti-glare screen. These luminaires have a through wiring and can be connected in-line using IP68 connectors (luminaire with two cable pins version, 2P). That allows to don’t use junction boxes on each device. Quantity of lamps in-line depends on the cross section of the supply cable and is to be calculated at the maximum load. The luminaire has small wind and snow stress protection due to the small size and weight, and is a good solution for facade lighting, including historic buildings. Kit includes: 1.An polymer turnable hanger with clamp at butt-end for tightening up it due to special fastener. 2. An anti-glare screen (for request).