IMG Lighting an active worldwide and constantly innovating and evolving manufacturer with years of experience providing end-to-end lighting solutions. We operate business in a reliable and responsible way combining latest technologies, skills and friendly cooperation.

Our fundamentals are:

Discover an extensive range of lighting equipment units in our user-friendly web site catalog. Get some interesting insights about projects and estimate the challenges we face.


We work to guide our clients to solutions they can depend on from the very first idea until a project is finished. So we offer a range of different kind of lighting solutions outdoor and indoor as well meeting the requirements of any projects of any our client around the world. Our friendly designers and engineers deal with different budgets and help to find a solution that fits within your price point.

Our cornerstones are:

- to be focused on project taking into account budget specifity and other requirements,

- to be effective in engineering, designing and in lighting equipment manufacturing,

- to be a reliable partner, innovate, modernize and help our clients go ahead whatever the challenges they face.

Our most valuable resource is our employees.


At all stages of our professional activity, IMG Lighting is closely monitoring the observance of all the world’s environmental standards.
Worldwide, up to 20% of electricity used for the lighting. As a manufacturer of lighting equipment, we are aware of our responsibility and constantly create more innovative and high-tech products.

Lighting in terms of environment is a relatively new phenomenon. Lighting hygiene is a new term in new realities which has direct impact on people and animals as a part of environment. So IMG has to provide effective solutions able to produce not to much light (light polution) and fit lighting philosophy of object.